Cutting Cords – Cut Cords Of Attachment

What is a cord of attachment?

A cord of attachment is a dynamic connection to someone else in the shape of the cord attached on the etheric level. It causes designs from yesteryear to continue on repeating in our. The energy flows back and forth between you and this other individual within an unhealthy way. You’re connected by means of a cord with everyone you have a connection with, however little.

If I cut a twine of attachment? will my relationship conclusion

No it does not mean it is going to end, it’s going to simply release you from the designs which are energetically keeping you trapped by remaining etherically linked to that other person.

Will I have to let it go the love I feel for this individual?

Don’t confuse love and the cord of attachment. The cord really has nothing to-do with love, it’s all of the negative and damaging patterns and emotions you have that are still influencing you subconsciously. It does not change the love you have.

Does it hurt to truly have a cord cut?

No, actually this is a release. There can be a feeling of lightness afterwards, or there may be an emotional discharge since you are not linked unhealthily to the individual, or you can feel tired. Be sure to drink more water than standard within the day or so after.

How many people can I cut cords with in a session?

Preferably only one individual. Do not be misled that people from your past that you do not have physical contact with are minor cords, these can be instrumental in setting-up adverse patterns that have impacted your entire life.

Imagine if this man I need to cut a cord with has handed over?

That is no problem, we are working on your own side of the twine.

I have tried other techniques of cord cutting but it didn’t appear to continue before I felt the same again?

There are lots of methods of cord cutting out there however, this process is dependant on the model of Rose Rosetree and helped by Divine Beings, not astral level beings or my own efforts.

How long do cord of attachment last?

They last until you die or in the event you have them cut using twine cutting.

What happens to another person on the opposite end?

Nothing happens, as much as some folks would like them to receive everything they did wrong back the twine. Divine Homeostasis is in place by which the electricity is balanced and they still have those patterns unless they got their own cord cutting session then but they are just not hooking into you.

What if I need to cut cords to the person I am married to? Does this mean we will split up?

No it only means you’re free of the patterns that were within the twine and now you really have the option on how you need to go on and make a relationship you want instead of being tied to the negative patterns of yesteryear.

Does this mean that my abusive relationship will turn good now?

No it does not, it means you will soon be free to go on in a sense where you feel you have more choices.

What strategy is used to cut the cords?

Calling on Divine Beings to help with this process. You are going to be asked who you would like to have assist in the cord cutting so maybe you may wish to search the internet for who you feel interested in. Often time Archangel Michael is called in. You may also prefer to Google Deities, male and women. You do not have to rely on divine beings for it to work.

I really don’t know who I want to cut cords with?
There’s a procedure that may be used to work out who best to minimize with which is best related to your own situation. In the event you still don’t understand then maybe it is optimum to have a listing of people ready which come to mind before you begin the session.

Will the cord come back?

No it is not going to. Even if you have an on-going relationship with that person. Those patterns of energy have been taken off your feeling and you will now start to choose how you want to relate to that man here on in.


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